Anorak News | Police discover Stockport fugitive by framed ‘Wanted’ mugshot at pal’s home

Police discover Stockport fugitive by framed ‘Wanted’ mugshot at pal’s home

by | 22nd, April 2012

JORDAN Sim-much, 26, had a framed newspaper cutting about his friend being a fugitive hung over his fireplace. Police saw it when they raided his Stockport home after a tip-off. They found the subject of the newspaper report hiding in Sim-much’s kitchen cupboards.

The felon has scarpered affter breaching his prison release licence.

In court, Sim-much pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and was given a community order with a two-month night-time curfew. The wanted man was sent back in prison.

Pc Mike Lawler, of Greater Manchester Police, tells the MEN:

“The fact that a framed picture of his friend’s mugshot proclaiming him a wanted man was staring down at Sim-mutch from atop of his fireplace¬†means he knew full well he was harbouring a fugitive.¬†This ‘friend’ left Sim-mutch with absolutely no realistic defence for his actions, and I suspect he is ruing the day he ever granted him sanctuary from the police. Setting to one side the sheer stupidity of their actions, what this case shows is just how seriously police in Stockport treat those who harbour offenders and assist them in trying to evade the law.”

So, there you have it. If you are wanted man do not head to Stockport, instead aim for Rio, Marbella or DEnmark, where the modular kitchen cupboards are generous and well-appointed….

Note: Jordan Sim-much – not a typo.

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