Anorak News | The Ched Evans fans club rapes twitter: the misogyny of #justiceforched

The Ched Evans fans club rapes twitter: the misogyny of #justiceforched

by | 22nd, April 2012

SHEFFIELD United’s Ched Evans is starting his five year sentence for raping a 19-year old woman at the Premier Inn near Rhyl, Denbighshire.

On twitter the hashtag #chedevans is busy. People might even have named the victim. Others want her raped.

Jack of Kent ‏ @JackofKent tweets: “Identifying #chedevans victim may be offence under Sexual Offences Act. Not good for CV. Police can trace you.”

Here’s a selection of tweets to darken your day.:

Ben Whitehorne ‏ @BenWhitehorne  – I hope that silly tamp gets properly raped one day #ChedEvans

In a Premier Inn with 2 footballers after a night out. Expecting tiddlywinks? And ruin a poor blokes life?! #golddigger #chedevans #freeched Joseph Westley

If nailing a tramp who is too wankered to say no is a crime….. then the old bill need to get down to mine with a set of cuffs. #ChedEvans Albert Farnsworth IV
#chedevans going to jail shows that women will come up with any excuse to get their 15 minutes of fame – Lance Airs
#ChedEvans – inocent !! #DrunkenSlag – money grabbing whore !! – laura callaghan
Nobody knows facts the girl has done this before! There are now videos of her going around getting smashed by diff blokes #chedevans! – Lauren McAvery
The police want you to be their narks on twitter.
David K‏ @DavidAbstract– if police fail to bring at least one prosecution for#chedevans will make #twitterjoketrial even more of a joke
More on that here.

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