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Rihanna: going to die like Whitney Houston?

by | 23rd, April 2012

RIHANNA has been a gigantic pain in the posterior lately, flaunting herself to the point of apathy. We’ve had vague allusions to drug use, side-boob, bikini shots and of course, all that despairing hook-ups with Chris Brown – the man who tried to smack the skin off her head.

All this wild-child nonsense isn’t new, but Rihanna is covering every aspect of media so thoroughly that when the world blinks, at least ten images of her are burned into the collective retina so we can’t even escape her when we wearily screw our eyes up.

However, there are some people who care and they’re all worried that RiRi’s lifestyle will send her to and early grave, just like Whitney Houston. See, Rihanna has been linked to a role playing Whitney on the big screen in a biopic, but those close to her are worried that she’s a little too close to her idol for comfort.

Rihanna’s Father, Ronald, said: “I hope she will be smart enough not to go down that path. I think she is smart enough not to. She used to love Whitney. Robyn would always sing along to I Will Always Love You.”

Whitney’s friend Malik Pointer said: “Rihanna is basically Whitney 2.0. That kind of talent only comes around every 20 years or so. Rihanna is a wild child. She has the voice of an angel but she can get down and dirty. But she has youth on her side. There’s a chance she’s just getting it out of her system and she’ll find the right guy and settle down by the time she’s 30.”

So what are the likenesses? Well, she was photographed with some white powder recently and has a penchant for bad boys. She’s also a successful soul singer. And… erm… that’s about it really. So will Rihanna die young? For those who want a rest from seeing her omnipresent face, the answer seems to be a regrettable no.

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