Anorak News | Made In Chelsea star’s ‘cocaine’ shame

Made In Chelsea star’s ‘cocaine’ shame

by | 24th, April 2012

THE Sun says Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews has been “photographed sniffing cocaine in front of stunned fans”.

Matthews was “snapped by a disgusted reveller” at a party in Bath, Somerset.

How we know it’s cocaine is a point not addressed in the Sun (see Kate Moss sherbet dip-dab shocker). But what the paper does tell us is:

Fame-hungry Spencer, 23, even used his family’s vast wealth to buy up the photos in a bid to bury the potentially damaging story after copies were shared among pals.

Tsk! And what with Spencer being rodel model to braying dickheads this can be bad news.

The Sun is right to be upset that a man would use his money to try and squash a story, as it alleges. Truth must out.

In other news, readers of PopBitch may recall their allegation:

Remember the story of Jeremy Clarkson’s affair with a blonde colleague a year ago? They’d been seen “cavorting” at a New Zealand hotel. Well, a freelance snapper took a load of rather explicit photos of the pair getting frisky on their balcony. He then took them to the News of The World. Mrs Brooks happily bought up the lot… and buried them to spare the blushes of her Chipping Norton neighbour.

We have no idea if that is true, and out of respect for privacy-seeking Messers Clarkson and Brooks say that is most likely a myth and that Mr Clarkson is no love rat and no photos exist. Clarkson says it was a case of “colleagues fooling around”.

Still, wonder what the hair-tossing Spencer makes of it..?

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