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Madeleine McCann: evidence she’s alive and a new photo

by | 25th, April 2012

MADELEINE McCann: As the fifth anniversary of an innocent child’s disappearance in Portugal approaches, the media is talking about ‘Our Maddie’. On social media, Martin Brunt, of Sky News, tweets:

#McCann It’s thought Scot Yard has unearthed potential evidence to support idea Madeleine is still alive

Tantalising stuff. Only a lunatic would not want the child to be safe and well. But, as ever, facts are thin. The Met is investigating. But still reports exist in the mainstream media that allege the child is dead. Until we know for sure, it’s all guesswork and potential libel.

Claire Phipps, editor of the Guardian’s news desk, tweets: “Met DCI in charge of #McCann investigation says Madeleine’s disappearance was the result of ‘a criminal act by a stranger’.”

SkyNewsDeskGirl has a photo to share:

Police have released a picture of what Madeleine McCann might look like now. Compare and contrast with this image.
The Met publish this on their website:

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service conducting the investigative review into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are releasing an age progression image of her as we approach her ninth birthday on 12 May.

The image has been created in close collaboration with the family and is being released ahead of the fifth anniversary of her disappearance on 3 May. It shows how we believe Madeleine would look today.

“we are releasing the age progression image today with a specific appeal”

The release comes as detectives announce that as a result of evidence uncovered during the review they now believe there is a possibility Madeleine is still alive and are appealing for anyone who is able to provide direct information as to her whereabouts to contact the team.


DCI Andy Redwood said: “From the outset we have approached this review with a completely open mind, placing Madeleine McCann at the heart of everything we do. We are working on the basis of two possibilities here. One is that Madeleine is still alive; and the second that she is sadly dead.

In other words, there is no news – at least none they want to share with the media.


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