Anorak News | Alex Reid stands for Parliament, Question Time and your lunchbox

Alex Reid stands for Parliament, Question Time and your lunchbox

by | 26th, April 2012

ALEX Reid, the walking Toffee Crisp once married to Katie Price, wants to be an MP. Says Reid in the Sun:

“It would be lovely to be an MP. I believe I can use my power as a celebrity to influence young people to help them be the people they want to be and to have a better Britain.”

He then says he would be good PM because he can talk sense without the jargon. Reid is right now dating his pregnant lover Chantelle Houghton, a grown woman who told us:

“Alex was laughing at me earlier, because I thought the Sun and the Moon were the same thing. Turns out they’re not!”

Every nocturnal creature knows the difference between the sun and moon, so too kelp.

As nutzoid and thin as Alex Reid MP sounds, the Sun adds that Reid was at Parliament yesterday to “launch the Let’s Do Lunch healthy eating campaign with Shadow Education Minister Sharon Hodgson”.

Not too long ago, MP Daniel Poulter invited Reid to help launch his Better Breakfast campaign. Give it a year and Reid will be on Question Time talking about your midnight feats, having already fixed tea and supper. He’ll then have to invent a new mealtime, perhaps called ThinnerTime, NeckFast or Twelves, an improvement on Elevenses…

Photo: 2001 – Model Jordan out canvassing in Manchester, where she is standing as an independent candidate in the ward of Stretford and Urmston for the General Election on June 7.

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