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On you vote for a lamb to live or die

by | 26th, April 2012

IMAN Rezai and Rouven Materne will use their homemade guillotine to off a lamb. The duo, student at the Berlin University of the Arts, are, we imagine on budget, so have stopped short of getting a live shark, an elephant, a million quid  or John Terry. So, They will kill a lamb in spectacular fashion. But only if you want them to. On, you can decide if the lamb dies a memorable death or returns to a farm and dies quietly.

Says Materne:

“There were people who wanted to forbid us to do this. There were people who celebrated the idea from day one. And there were some people who were afraid of us.”

Who’s afraid of the big baaaad lamb judges? Not the wolf. Not Damian Hirst, who does it with cows and angry fish. The lamb’s agent may well be nervous. If the lamb, lives his celebrity is over.

Vote now, and vote often…

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