Anorak News | Gareth Williams inquest turns into a homophobic character assassination

Gareth Williams inquest turns into a homophobic character assassination

by | 26th, April 2012

GARETH Williams, the MI6 spook found locked in a bag, could have taken drugs. Or not. He might have been poisoned. Or not.

At the inquest of Gareth “Swiss Watch” Williams, 31, scientists said that because the spy had been dead for so long before he was found drugs and poisons tests could not be relied on.

Gareth Williams lay dead in a bag in his London flat for at least a week – his colleagues never reported him missing.

Today, the court heard that Mr Williams may have been killed by a “wide range of poisons” and “volatile agents”.

The Times writes:

Other substances which cannot be ruled out include the legal high amyl nitrate (poppers), helium, chloroform and nitrous oxide. Denise Stanworth, a toxicologist, said that traces of the party drug GHB were found in his bloodstream and urine but were “probably” produced naturally after he died.

To the Daily Mail, this becomes:

Body-in-the-bag spy wasn’t killed by ‘old-fashioned poison’, but gay club drugs can’t be ruled out, inquest told…

Gay club drugs? What are they, then?

Traces of alcohol and date rape drug GHB were found in body-in-the-bag spy Gareth Williams after his death, his inquest heard today.

Isn’t rohypnol the date rape drug? Yes. It is. The BBC says:

Rohypnol: The date rape drug

GHB can be used in date rapes, but it tastes “very slightly salty”.

Chris Greenwood continues:

But she could not rule out solvents, gay club drugs like poppers or other ‘volatile substances’ as a factor.

There he goes again with the “gay” angle. Do only gays commit date rape? The paper adds:

Forensic scientist Denise Stanworth, who reviewed the toxicology, told Westminster Coroners’ Court that they ‘could have caused loss of consciousness or death’ and that she could not have detected them… She said, however, that both alcohol and GHB, which acts as a sedative, could be produced naturally after death.

How’s that for a smear in the Daily Mail? Look out for the headline: Spook produced date rape gay drugs. No evidence of his having been gay or his sexuality having been a factor in his death. No evidence of much at all. But if Mr Williams can be labelled as what one Mail writer might call “unnatural“, then so be it.

The Mail adds:

The fourth day of the inquest into his death also heard his interests in women’s clothing, transvestite comedy and bondage websites was no barrier to working as a spy.

His friend says he was not a transvestite. No-one has any proof he was a trasnvestite. But the Mail adds the fact the women’s clothes were in his flat and that he had reportedly looked at some bandage websites to the word transvestite and creates an impression.

And it to those gay rape drugs and you’ve put Mr Williams, a supremely gifted mathematician and avid cyclist who was able to hold down a job at GCHQ in the box marked “weirdo”.

This isn’t an inquest. This is a character assassination…

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