Anorak News | When Alex Reid became an Parliamentary expert – like Elmo and Russell Brand

When Alex Reid became an Parliamentary expert – like Elmo and Russell Brand

by | 27th, April 2012

POLITICIANS are in it to meet stars, aren’t they. Gordon Brown and Tony Blair were starfuckers; David Cameron can’t speak without making reference to a TV advert (“Calm down dear”) or a TV show – at PMQs he extolled the country’s enterprise spirit with the phrase “The Only Way Is Essex”; oleaginous Keith Vaz can’t talk about drugs without a celeb on his shoulder, looking like a provincial chip-shop owner posing for his toilet gallery with celebrity diners Mitch Winehouse and guffawing Russell Brand; and no jobbing MP can talk about food without Jamie Oliver and now Alex Reid, the naked walking Toffee Crisp who once married Katie Price and wore a gold mankini to flog her books.

Alex Reid has now met with MPs at the Commons three times.

September 6, 2011: Reid meets MP Daniel Poulter to launch the Better Breakfast campaign.

February 8, 2012: Reid meets MP Sharon Hodgson, Shadow Minister for Children and Families, and MP Roberta Blackman-Woods, Shadow Minister for Planning at the House of Commons. (Pictured)

April 26, 2012: Reid heads to Parliament to meet Shadow Education Minister Sharon Hodgson to talk about Let’s Do Lunch, an eating campaign.

In 2002, Elmo, the Sesame Street muppet – a perpetually three-year-old muppet – appeared before the US Education Appropriations Subcommittee.

Why do they do it? No, not why do celebs accept invitations from elected representatives to talk about stuff they have no expertise on? Why do MPs feel as though they need famous faces to make themselves heard? The madness will only end when we bring back Blankety Blank or Celebrity Squares and get the stars back to meeting the politicos in a more meaningful environment…

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