Anorak News | The Wanted call Christina Aguilera ‘a bitch’ – no sign she knows what they are

The Wanted call Christina Aguilera ‘a bitch’ – no sign she knows what they are

by | 28th, April 2012

HOW can The Wanted crack America? Well, they can find an enemy and cultivate a showbiz row. Following a meeting with Christina Aguilera on The Voice USA, Max George (the little one with the shaved head) told 92.3 NOW FM: ”

“She was a bit scary to be honest.”

George has the look of a man-child who might find Dr Who and being alone in the bath a bit scary.

Tom Parker then added: “She’s a total bitch! She might not be a bitch in real life but to us she was a bitch. She just sat there and didn’t speak to us.”

A total bitch is surely a bitch in all things. And isn’t bitch a lovely turn of phrase for a band that relies on women to make them rich and famous. And to be a real bitch don’t you have to acknowledge the other party and make snide, bitchy comments (see The Wanted)? The Wanted are upset that they were not on Xtina’s radar. Unless Parker has adopted an Americanism, the parelcon, as in Britney Spears’ line: “Next time I have a party, you’re totally invited.”

As Jay says:

A parelcon adds a superfluous word such as “totally” or “like” to a sentence.  You could argue, though, that “totally” isn’t superfluous at all.  It constitutes a figure of amplification, making Britney’s thousands of listeners know that she will absolutely positively invite them to her next theoretical party.”

Back to the interview and Max George sees fit to adds: “J Lo is hot you know, Christina’s nothing special.”

Nothing special says…The Wanted.

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