Anorak News | Alex Reid cancels Chantelle Houghton’s wedding plan

Alex Reid cancels Chantelle Houghton’s wedding plan

by | 29th, April 2012

CHANTELLE Houghton, the pregnant woman made from Katie Price’s off-cuts who read Jade Goody’s How to be Thick and Loveable but missed the section of charm, will not be married to future Prime Minister Alex Reid. The Sun On Sunday says so. Reid tells a pal who tells the tabloid:

“I’ve told Chantelle I’m not marrying her when things are like this. Friends keep pushing her to say things about us that aren’t true and keep poking their noses into our lives no matter how much it hurts me.”

No idea if any of this is true, but it’s good to see that budding politco Reid understands the power of the Murdoch press. The UK will soon be looking for new Culture Secretary, and who better than Reid for the top job, an expert in mixed martial arts, tabloidese and speaking through aides whom he can deny and sack when the truth threatens to seep out…

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