Anorak News | Cheryl Cole likes sex and Prince Harry – but both at the same time?

Cheryl Cole likes sex and Prince Harry – but both at the same time?

by | 30th, April 2012

CHERYL COLE was once the people’s princess (whatever that means) but, since America broke her (instead of Cheryl breaking America), she’s dropped off the radar, save for a few column inches and cosmetic beauty commercials. And so, it appears is it time to get her career back on track, which means reminding everyone that they need to think about her in a sexual manner.

Since she split with Ashley Cole, she’s cut something of a British Jennifer Aniston character, portrayed as lonely and crying all the time. With alarming predictability, she’s popped along and decided to tell the rags that: “I am a woman and I like sex.” Talking to GQ magazine, she said: “I’d love kids. I’m obsessed with babies. I know that is what I was put on Earth to do – to be a mother.”

Meanwhile, the entire universe wonders if there’s any truth in the rumour that she’s a lesbian, especially on the back of Louis Walsh saying that he was going to tell all about Cheryl in his book. Well done if you yelled ‘that’s a bit rich!’ in your mind there.

However, publicly, Cheryl has eyes for men. And she’s cooing over Prince Harry again. “Me and his dad are as thick as thieves and I knew Harry before I knew his dad so we’ve met a few times. I think he’s amazing and I think you can relate to him because he’s made mistakes.” However, like Caroline Flack who humped pop infant Harry Styles, Cole is worried that she’d be dubbed a ‘cougar’ if she dated him (despite the fact she’s only one year older than the blueblood).

“He’s cool. Although, I think I would be Cougarville in that relationship. I would be in Cougarville.”

Of course, Cheryl is on the promotional trail and this is all for the release of her new single, ‘Screw You’, which is out next month. And she’s keen to point out that it absolutely isn’t about Ashley Cole and it definitely isn’t about her former X Factor boss Simon Cowell. She said: “It could be directed at whoever you want it to be directed at.”

Louis Walsh then.

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