Anorak News | Katie Price and Leandro Penna – the accidental wedding ring cycle

Katie Price and Leandro Penna – the accidental wedding ring cycle

by | 30th, April 2012

THAT sound you hear is the popping of champagne corks in the offices of Katie Price’s divorce lawyers. Jordan is getting married! She’s engaged to Leandro Penna. It will be great marriage. It will be last for years and years and create a legend.

But we need to ask: is she sure? We recall that Katie and Leandro don’t speak the same language. Granted, Jawdin doesn’t speak the same language as most of us, but with Leandro the barrier is more acute.

As Leandro once told us (photos of him here):

“The connection we have is so intense. Like sometimes I’ll be sitting and moving my head from side to side and she will know I’m…”

Listening to Stevie Wonder?

“…looking for the remote control.”

It’s not hard to imagine Leandro sniffing his finger and Katie taking it a sign to jump on him, wrap her legs abut his torso and scream “Ayedyooo! Ayedyooooooo!” before tweeting: “Wooo hooo so excited.”

The idea of its all being accidental is not unaided by Katie’s ring, which looks like the kind of thing Katie’s daughter Princess TenaLadyMee would get in a Junior Vajazzle Kit – see above…


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Model Jordan shows off Sock shop's new Valentine's basque after removing a specially designed coat made from daffodil badges - the symbol used by the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity - in Cheapside, London to support their Daffodil Campaign.

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