Anorak News | Making Natalie Esack’s celebrity murder a bit more entertaining

Making Natalie Esack’s celebrity murder a bit more entertaining

by | 1st, May 2012

NATALIE Esack was murdered in her Esack Hair & Beauty salon on the High Street in Ashford, Kent. Her estranged husband, Ivan Escak, has been arrested on suspicion of killing her. He used to be a policeman. Now he works, says the Daily Mail, as a “football agent”.

A neighbour arrives to say that he was always a wrong un, had shifty eyes and they knew something terrible was about to happen. No, not really. The unnamed source tells the Mail that Mr Esack is “outgoing” and has ambitions to become a local councillor, and together the Esacks were “pleasant”. A former collage of Mrs Esack’s says she was “bubbly”, and given the circumstances of her violent death, bizarrely adds: “You will not find a single person with a negative thing to say about her.”

Not one. Really?

But why is this story on the front page of the Daily Express and the Daily Mirror. Mrs Esack was not blonde. She was not very young: she was in her 30s. Well, the Express is informative. It says Mrs Esack was “pretty”. But the reason for the story’s prominence is found in the Express’s front-page headline:

“Celebrity Hairdresser Murdered In Her Salon.”

Whose hair did she do? Answer: Vic Reeves and his wife Nancy Sorrell’s. But if that is not enough to add meaning to Mrs Esack’s life and death, the Mail adds that she also trimmed the hair of “Lesley Hogben, wife of television antique expert Michael Hogben”.

And for added zip there is the footballer angle. Which players does Mr Esack represent, then? Mr Esack is the owner and director of IAE Football Ltd, a sel-declared “agency representing professional footballers and coaches throughout the United Kingdom”.

The Mail says:

Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha, who has been linked to a move to Premier League clubs including Manchester United, is pictured on IAE’s website – although Mr Esack is not the official agent for the player.

Got that?

If there’s still not enough stardust to make a woman’s murder fly, ther Mirror has been doing its research. Know that:

The neighbour said Mr Esack claimed he worked for local Tory MP and immigration minister Damian Green and wanted to get involved in ­politics. Last night Mr Green said: “I’ve have never heard of this man.”


He is the director of a company called IAE football management. On its website he claims to be a registered agent and features the profiles of three young players including Lewis Dunk from Brighton & Hove Albion.

Go on:

However he is not on Fifa’s register of agents and he does not represent Mr Dunk.

Such are the facts.

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