Anorak News | Selena Gomez – her new perfume can ‘appease’ a Scottish tramp

Selena Gomez – her new perfume can ‘appease’ a Scottish tramp

by | 1st, May 2012

SELENA Gomez, Justin Bieber’s erstwhile lover, has completed a rite of the celebrity passage. She scraped her sheets and bottled her smell. The perfume is called “Selena Gomez”, and if the advert is anything to by, it’s the colour of meths and Gomez wants you to bathe in it. If the price is right this drink could do down a storm in Dundee.

Says Selena:

“I describe it as yummy.”

But don’t drink it all at once:

“It’s romantic. It’s not over-bearing. Simple! My mom legitimately likes it…”

Hollywood stars are so plastic that any claims of truth are illegitimate. Does a grown woman like to smell like a teenager, legitimately?

She’s so honest with me, she’ll tell me that she doesn’t like my clothes or the dress I wore, but she wears this everyday.

Please stop, Selena. Take a wee dram of the purple brew and stop talking.

So, I wanted to make sure that it was something that could appease everybody, which is why there’s not a picture of me on the box. I wanted it to be about the fragrance.”

It’s stronger than we thought. We’ll take two cases…


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