Anorak News | Kim Kardashian to have Kanye West’s baby

Kim Kardashian to have Kanye West’s baby

by | 1st, May 2012

KIM Kardashian is having a baby with Kanye West. One day Kim K. will bend over by a swimming pool surrounded by photographers and gift birth to a Kaybe. The source of this information is the National Enquirer, which more than most have been gazing at Kim’s polished crystal buttock balls and seeing what the future holds for her. This week the NE sees a”baby with Kanye”.

We know this because Kim has been “telling pals” that she ants to be a mum. Why she can’t tell us directly is unclean. Perhaps she; doesn’t trust us or want to jinx her womb. But the mating ritual has begun. Having been promised a Kayby, we demand a Kaybe is delivered to schedule, ideally as the denouement to a season of Kan Kanye Up Keep Up With Kim Kardashian? With planning, Kanye can coincide the birth to bring out new range of trainers called Koo-Koo.

To make sure this goes well, Kim and Kanye should be fed only the richest bamboo, kept in a secure environment in southern Armenia and watched 24.7 by a team of celebrity breeding specialists. Anything less would be disappointing…

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