Anorak News | Rupert Murdoch, Roy Hodgson and a tabloid laugh-in

Rupert Murdoch, Roy Hodgson and a tabloid laugh-in

by | 2nd, May 2012

RUPERT Murdoch is accused of being “not a fit person” to run a big international corporation. That’s the conclusion voiced by MPs on the Culture Committee. But not all of them agreed. The Conservative MPs on the panel did not suport that statement.Tory committee member Philip Davies said: “Some people’s conclusions were written before any of the evidence was ever heard.”

But all the MPs – and those of who can recall the expenses scandal and dodgy dossiers may well snort with derision – say Rupert Murdoch showed “wilful blindness” towards wrongdoing at News International.

Other Murdoch employees – Les Hinton, Tom Crone and Colin Myler (video) were acussed of misleading the Committee.

So. It’s a big news story. And how does the Sun cover it? Well, its front-page headline yells: “BWING ON THE EUWOS.” The Sun focuses on England manger Roy Hodgson, an influencer of the public mood who will be rubbed smoother than an ancient bannister by politicians should he prove to be successful.

But the Sun is not  alone. Of all the tabloids, only one leads with Rupert Murdoch. That paper is the Daily Express, the organ owned by pornographer and TV mogul Richard Desmond – one of the few people who would want to buy the Sun. Its headline: “MURDOCH’S NOT FIT TO RUN A MAJOR COMPANY.”

You can imagine the Express being turned into one of those novely cards that play a sound when you open it, on this occasion you can hear laughter and the mesage “Get Worse Soon”.



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