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Those Daily Express heat-wave warnings

by | 5th, May 2012

THE Daily Express loves weather. Often, it’s front-page new. The latest weather report is that “Winter to last until June”:

“Icy winds will send temperatures plunging today before torrential rain returns next week.”

Previously the paper – much of the facts supplied by human scarecrow Nathan Rao – have been variable:

“81F – Glorious Spring On Way” – February 25

…there is little chance of any sustained rain – spelling misery for farmers and water firms longing for heavy downpours.

So. Loadsa sunshine and no rain. Which was soon followed by:

“Easter Arctic freeze on way” – March 31

Before that Jo Willey, the paper’s Health Correspondent, told us:

“Worst year for hayfever misery” – April 7

Why? Well:

THIS year’s hayfever season is set to be the worst ever as a perfect storm of weather conditions brings misery to millions. The drought, which has led to hosepipe bans in many areas, has sparked a ­dramatic rise in the pollen count.

Hot weather and no rain will make nose run all summer long? Only, a headline soon arrived to give hope to sufferers:

“New Ice Cold Blast On Way” – April 14

Says Rao:

If snow and icy winds don’t reach you, then torrential rains will.

And that drought?

“Now we face a month of rain” – April 21

A week of heavy rain and thunderstorms has already brought parts of Britain to a standstill as the country endures the wettest April for more than a decade.

What happened to that glorious spring? Still, at least hayfever sufferers are happy.

More weather on the front page of the Express every day (unless Our Maddie or Princess Diana are spotted)….

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