Anorak News | Daily Mail calls Osama bin Laden Obama bin Laden

Daily Mail calls Osama bin Laden Obama bin Laden

by | 6th, May 2012

LIZ Jones, the Daily Mail’s regular troll bait, is talking about the “cooing couples” who upset her by looking at ease with each other’s company in public. In one paragraph she writes about the death of Barack Obama:

I far more admire couples who are not joined at the hip. My role model at the moment is Hillary Clinton, who failed to tell husband Bill that special forces were about to assassinate Obama Bin Laden. I love that.

Obama bin Laden… Who he? Is it just a slip of the tongue, or part of a sinister movement we call The Barack Obama Death Cult, the media plot that seeks out the apparent impending murder of Obama and presents it inevitable fact?

It’s not accidental is it?

More Obama is Osama here.

Spotter: @Jonathan Haynes

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