Anorak News | Iran fires its faked missiles at Star Wars

Iran fires its faked missiles at Star Wars

by | 6th, May 2012

PHOTOSHOPPED image of the day is featured in Iran’s Mehr News Agency, where the headline story “Iran’s missile program no threat to Europe, U.S.: French official” is illustrated by this photo of loads of helter-skelter ballistic missiles. Boy, those rockets have multiplied since their 2008 unveiling. Back then, the obvious photoshopping was spotted and lampooned. One parody featured a familiar face, that of Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks.

While we may sneer at the fakery, the date of the story’s publication points to something other than Iran’s usual macho jingoism. It was published on May the Fourth. That’s international Star Wars day, as in May The Fourth Be With You. (Iran also marks every July as International Don’t Trut a Jew Day.)

Might it be that MNA, affiliated to the Tehran Times, is a Star Wars fan? And if it is, does the paper know that’s it on the wrong side, like the Nazi who spotted the runes, skulls and death and suddenly realised he was the baddie?

Will the Dark Side see the light..?

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