Anorak News | Boy falls through pavement in China – video

Boy falls through pavement in China – video

by | 7th, May 2012

WHEN a 2-year-old boy in China got his leg caught in a gap in the pavement, the camera crews zoomed in. We’ve already seen a grown woman falling through a Chinese pavement. Now we see if a small child can be snared by the cannibal clowns that dwell below China’s streets. He can’t. He gets stuck. But his problems are not yet over because the man from ITN news has a voiceover to produce. China is not versed in the “where there’s blame there’s a claim” culture, and the lad is said to be “embarrassing” and suffering from “indignity”. We are invited to wonder about the “psychological scars”.

China has copied pretty much every Western brand. But it has yet to replicate Ambulance Chase Inc., the lawyers who care enough to take 40% of any settlement. Of course, before the lawyers can reach the victims, you need daytime telly to really develop. In short, China needs a Jeremy Kyle. Although, if you look closely, that might be him in the sewer tugging at the boy’s foot…

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