Anorak News | Missing Madeleine McCann stayed a Costa del Sol campsite for two weeks

Missing Madeleine McCann stayed a Costa del Sol campsite for two weeks

by | 8th, May 2012

KATE and Gerry McCann spent part of the weekend on the Liverpool 10K run in the city’s Sefton Park. The Press Association recorded the event and the Daily Express told readers that Kate McCann told the paper:

“Thankfully, this year, with the involvement of the Metropolitan Police things are looking brighter for Madeleine and the search, so we were ready to give it a go.”

The man leading the Met’s review of all the official data collated so far is Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood. He is hopeful but realistic, his words reminiscent of the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, who when asked if the missing child is alive replies “Mostly hardly”:

“We genuinely believe there is a possibility she is alive.’

As the internets cackle with news that Madeleine McCann’s image is being used to log cheap holidays overseas, we wonder if that image is still relevant?

The child is older now. That image of the four-year-old has been updated. But it’s that one that gels. It remains the global symbol. It’s on Kate McCanns’ top. It’s in the Sun, illustrating the story that there are “3 NEW CLUES TO MADDIE”.

Antonella Lazzeri writes:

A blonde girl identical to Madeleine was seen at a campsite there three days after she was snatched a few hours drive away in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007.

Three days after a child went missing, she was seen at a camp site in Spain? Was the child stolen by campers? The group stayed on the site for two weeks. While the world was being awoken to the greatest story of the last decade, the child was on a campsite in a busy report in southern Spain, hidden in plain sight?

We are told that the child seemed “groggy”. And:

Now Brit cops have been told the family paid extra for bringing one child more than expected when they arrived at the site on May 6.

The witness is one Karen Sisson, 49. The campsite is the Cabopino, near Fuengirola. Says she:

“She seemed alienated and completely different to her family. It really was most peculiar.”

Anyhow, the news was passed to Scotland Yard’s Operation Grange and then on to us. As the McCann’s official spokesman says:

“This lady has done exactly the right thing in reporting what she saw to police.”

It’s a just wonder that no-one else on the campsite did the same…

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