Anorak News | Dinosaurs harvested methane to power space ship

Dinosaurs harvested methane to power space ship

by | 8th, May 2012

DID farting dinosaurs trigger global warming? The BBC reports that boffins have worked out the methane output of sauropods, including Brontosaurus. And they tell us that the dinosaurs produced 520 million tonnes of gas annually. They did this in methane farms. Dinosaurs were highly advanced technically and produced all their own power.

The BBC says that current methane emissions on planet Earth are just 500 million tonnes a year, although they are expected to peak at this summer’s European Championships in the Ukraine and Poland, where sausages and beer will be in ready supply. One expert calculates that if just 10% more football fans opted for lettuce in their buns, they would produce enough power to keep Paris alight for a month.

It truly is awesome stuff. It’s just a pity that the dinosaurs all fled planet Earth years ago to set up a flatulence-powered organic farm on the Dark Site of the moon…

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