Anorak News | How a juror nearly freed the Rochdale child abusers by leaking news to the far right

How a juror nearly freed the Rochdale child abusers by leaking news to the far right

by | 8th, May 2012

CHARLENE Downes is missing in Blackpool. Still missing. At Liverpool Crown Court, nine adult men have been jailed for using free booze and food to trap children living in Rochdale and Oldham into having sex with them.

The nine men are eight British Pakistanis and an illegal asylum seeker from Afghanistan. How relevant are those facts? A debate rages.

In one case, a 15-year-old girl was raped by 25 men in a single night. At the time, she was living at a children’s home in Rochdale.

In the Times, Andrew Norfolk says that hundreds of girls are being used for sex. These girls are often in the care of the State. He says that since 2007, there are 631 recorded incidents of girls being sold for sex.

He says that two girls from children’s homes in Manchester and Rochdale died in incidents “linked to their sexual abuse by men of Pakistani heritage”.

Norfolk’s report is damning of the care industry:

A “15-year-old girl from Rochdale who was not in care told police how she was passed around members of the British Pakistani community for sex. Police and care agencies took no action to protect her and during the next four months she was subjected to sustained sexual exploitation by at least 21 more men.”

The bravery of the five girls who testified against their attackers was nearly undone by a juror with an agenda who passed on details of the jury’s decision before it had been made public. The juror passed on details to a groups called Infidels of Britain, a group linked to the English Defence League. It published details of the guilty verdicts reached against seven of the eleven defendants. (Two men were cleared of all charges.)

This allowed the  defence to call for the jury to be discharged, saying its “integrity has been compromised”. Thankfully, this was rejected.

That juror failed. The Greater Manchester Police failed. The Crown Prosecution Service failed – it said that the girl who told them of the abuse was not credible. Rochdale social services said sorry for mistakes that “led to children being put back in the hands of their abusers”.

Nazir Afzal, the Chief Crown Prosecutor for northwest England, explains why the men did it:

“They think that women are some lesser being. The availability of vulnerable young white girls is what has drawn the men to them. That doesn’t excuse for one second their culpability. Those girls were on the streets at midnight. It made them easy prey for evil men.”

A source tells the Times:

“We can’t say they haven’t got an issue within their community because we’ve now had so many cases. What no one is going to say publicly is that some of them may regard and treat white girls in a totally different way to their own girls.”

Their girls are not on the street. Their gils are at home. More abuse takes place at home than anywhere else. Two things are certain: they criminals are all men. The victims are all women.

If you think it’s about race, read this.

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