Anorak News | More masseuses to accuse Travolta of indecent proposals

More masseuses to accuse Travolta of indecent proposals

by | 9th, May 2012

JOHN TRAVOLTA has invariably had a rough 24 hours after being accused of molesting some poor masseuse in one of the most hilariously worded legal complaints in history. The length of his wang, the state of his pubes and a man cooking burgers were all accounted for in the accusation.

And now, more masseurs are coming forward with tales of randy run-ins with Travolta and may well join a federal lawsuit in California.

The lawyer dealing with the case – Okorie Okorocha – says a number of masseurs are now apparently suing the star for sexual assault, and he said: “I’m getting tons of calls. If we weren’t dealing with statute of limitations, I’d say about 25 (potential plaintiffs) have contacted me. He’s done it everywhere, and the laws are very different in different states.”

“They’re going to have to call half of Los Angeles liars by the time this is finished,” he said, referring to the claim by Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer that the actor wasn’t even in Beverly Hills on Jan. 16 for the first alleged assault. However, the claims that Travolta was on the other side of the country look to be in doubt as TMZ shared a photo of the Pulp Fiction star in New York on the day in question and a receipt from Manhattan’s Mr. Chow restaurant also seems to back up the claim.

Okorocha adds: “We know exactly where he was. That’s not even up for debate. I was talking to Travolta’s lawyers for two months, and they never brought up this excuse he was in New York (that morning).”

Travolta’s team are casting doubt on the claims, noting that the alleged victims aren’t willing to come forward and be named. However, Okorocha notes that this is standard practice: “I do it for all of my female clients victims of sexual assault, and I’m not going to treat the men any different. I think it’s malpractice to identify them (in a complaint). I’m leaving it up to the judge. If they think that’s strange, they may not be familiar with the law.”

Will this have a happy end for all concerned? (Sorry)


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