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Rip Vidal Sassoon – a life in photos

by | 9th, May 2012

RIP Vidal Sassoon, the world’s most famous hairdresser. He was 84. He was, was he not, head and shoulder above all other hairdressers. As the man who was worth a few bob told it:

“When I first came into hair, women were coming in and you’d place a hat on their hair and you’d dress their hair around it.”

Bald men can dream that such a style will one in vogue for both sexes…

“We learned to put discipline in the haircuts by using actual geometry, actual architectural shapes and bone structure. The cut had to be perfect and layered beautifully, so that when a woman shook it, it just fell back in.”

Like you see in Crufts. But much, much, much more expensive…


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Chelsea striker Peter Osgood (r) pictured at Vidal Sassoon's Belgravia Salon where he was receiving a haircut from Vidal Sassoon himself. The society hairstylist, an ardent Chelsea fan, promised the players a free haircut should they reach the League Cup Final. Chelsea however would go on to lose the final 2-1 to Stoke City.

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