Anorak News | Britney Spears gets $15m X Factor deal, but she still isn’t allowed a cash card

Britney Spears gets $15m X Factor deal, but she still isn’t allowed a cash card

by | 10th, May 2012

SIMON COWELL loves ’em mental. Look at the women he’s surrounded himself with. Paula ‘mental’ Abdul. Cheryl ‘toilet attendant’ Cole. Nicole ‘the only woman who could possibly find Lewis Hamilton even vaguely sexual’ Scherzinger. Amanda ‘willingly had sex with Neil Morrissey’ Holden. And Sinitta. Everything about Sinitta screams insanity.

And now, Cowell has bagged himself Queen Nutter, Britney Spears. She’s apparently going to be on The X Factor USA and she’ll be getting $15 million in the bargain.

Of course, Britney is grade A mental and she’s not allowed at her own money, instead, having various members of her family legally required to keep hold of her cashcards for her. So all that lovely money will just sit there while her dad goes drawing the occasional tenner out for her so she can buy smokes and maybe some hair clippers.

A source says: “The contract is signed. There’s been a lot of back and forth over the past few weeks as they negotiated the small details, but she’s on. It’s all completed and Britney is beyond excited. She’s ready for this. She can’t wait to sit down next to Simon at the judges’ table and give this everything she’s got.”

Hopefully, it’ll be better than her last stint on TV when she starred in the dismal reality show ‘Britney & Kevin’, which was basically a televised nervous breakdown with added fluctuating weight.

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