Anorak News | The Manchester City tattoo story – Rooney, Mancini and Kaka’s European Champions

The Manchester City tattoo story – Rooney, Mancini and Kaka’s European Champions

by | 14th, May 2012

ROBERTO Mancini is under pressure to get a Manchester City crest tattooed on his leg. Why? Because his other leg already bears a Sampdoria crest, which he acquired after his team won Serie A in 1991.

He is reported to have said: “I have another leg. If I win the Premier League with Manchester City, I might get one.”

Note the word ‘if’ in that sentence.

Being an intelligent man, Mancini was obviously mindful of fellow manager Bobby Robson’s famous words: “Don’t count your eggs until the chicken’s laid them.”

But Mancini’s caution is not a trait shared by City’s fans. Despite the club’s chaotic and unpredictable history, they have shown themselves willing, time and time again, to put their money where their mouths are. And they have done this in the most visible way possible – down at the local tattoo parlour…

2009: Kaka to City

Manchester is abuzz with the story that the Brazilian maestro is on his way to Eastlands. Chris Atkinson is sufficiently excited by the £100million bid to have his name emblazoned on his chest. Kaka goes to real Madrid.

2009: City are champions of Europe!

Kirk Bradley is confident that, with or without Kaka, City will be Champions League champions in 2011. Thankfully for him, they are spared a thrashing against Barcelona in the final. That honour falls to Manchester United.

2010 Rooney to City

More transfer rumour, with Wayne Rooney apparently prepared to ‘do a Tevez’ and turn Blue. But he succeeds in getting Manchester United over a barrel, and secures a new contract at Old Trafford instead. Unfortunately, City fan Simon Hart has jumped the gun slightly, and had ‘ROONEY CITY LEGEND’ tattooed on his back. Never mind, Simon, by the time you are 40 your back will be covered in more hair than Wayne’s head.

2011: United are champs!

Which is bad news for City supporter Rodney Ward, who loses a drunken bet and has a United crest inked on his chest.

2012 City are champs!

Which is just as well for this freshly tattooed fan, pictured last week, before their historic victory. As City trailed 1-2 in the 92nd minute on Sunday, most City fans faced nothing worse than having wasted a few quid on a ‘champions’ scarf. This fella must have been preparing to chop a whole limb off.

But all’s well that ends well, and no arm done.

Nevertheless, City fans might be better advised to invest in a packet of these next time, just to be on the safe side.

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