Anorak News | Louis Walsh attacks Will.I.Am over The Voice in world’s most weak-wristed feud

Louis Walsh attacks Will.I.Am over The Voice in world’s most weak-wristed feud

by | 15th, May 2012

THE VOICE is irritating enough in its ‘We’re Yet Another Not-X-Factor Show!’ stance. Add Jessie J to the mix and its a wonder the whole of Britain hasn’t chucked itself into the sea. Either way, The Voice is here and the BBC have spent enough money on it to ensure that it’ll be around for at least the next three years, which is galling.

One man who isn’t a fan of the show is, unsurprisingly, The X Factor’s Louis Walsh. He’s decided to get his claws out and stop likening people to Lenny Henry for long enough to slag off Will.I.Am. Funny thing about these two is that they clearly have a lot in common, what with them both obviously being massive, raving [SENTENCE INCOMPLETE THANKS TO WATCHING LEGAL TEAMS].

Walsh told Heat magazine: “What’s that man’s real name anyway? It’s not Will.I.Am, is it? He thinks he’s got all the answers but if he didn’t have Fergie in that band, where would he be? The way he dresses at his age… what’s that silly glove all about? Fergie is the real star. I would love her on The X Factor, and to be a judge on the show.”

Honestly, it’s like watching a dog get angry at a cloud of fog and biting it’s own arse. Anyway, Louis continued: “I hate The Voice. I think everyone thought The Voice UK would be like the US version, and it’s not. It’s dull and boring.” And will Lil Louis be defecting to the show?

“No way, it’s not great TV. It’s like Fame Academy all those years ago. The best thing about it are the revolving chairs, and once you’ve seen that, the novelty wears off.”

Aaw! Louis likes the spinning chairs! You have to wonder if he likes to have a go on the little 20p helicopters they have in his local Asda. Either way, Walsh may have a point. There’s been a sharp fall in viewers in recent weeks and there’s a suggestion that the entire judging panel could be fired.

A BBC mole says: “Any new series has teething troubles and bosses will want to examine this first series of The Voice to work out what worked well and what didn’t work well. One of the issues will be the line-up of coaches on the panel and deciding if it is worth keeping all or some of them on board for the next series.”

Can we not just axe the whole tawdry thing?

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