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TV Review: Sex Lies And Rinsing Guys, Channel 4

by | 16th, May 2012

LAST Night’s TV: Rinsing Guys – Channel 4:

MANIPULATION for gain is not a modern invention. Snake Oil vendors flogged bottles of nothing to people with bold claims and got the fresh hell out of town before anyone could hand them their sorry arses. Advertising executives have manipulated people for years, but even they’d argue that they were providing some kind of tangible service to the world.

However, more brazen than a bagful of fighting parrots are the women featured in Sex Lies And Rinsing Guys – Channel 4’s latest attempt to goad their entire audience into apoplectic rage about a group of people who are in no way indicative of people at large.

These gals,┬áDanica, Hollie and Jeanette, go about their lives ostensibly exploiting needy, emotionally retarded men in exchange for hugely expensive watches (that somehow still look like something won at a fair) and terrifyingly ugly designer shoes. Now, to those crying “WHY, THAT’S MERE PROSTITUTION!”, you’d be a little off the mark and that’s because these ladies don’t even go to first base with their clients.

Of course, to a degree, all humans use their wily charms to attain certain things – be it lending a tenner off someone, lying in a job interview or generally flirting with the boss in the hope of a payrise. However, the transaction that takes place isn’t usually one based on undiluted contempt for the other end of the bargain, which is what appears to be the case here.

Oddly, these three ladies (Danica somewhat less-so than Hollie and Jeanette) seem to have an astonishingly vile attitude toward men. Now, as …Rinsing Guys is a series, we may find out the dreadful personal reasons why that is, but until then, we can only go off the facts. And the facts are this – these women think their subjects are stupid and, therefore, should be exploited at every turn. Men are not worth worrying about because, in their eyes, they deserve it. Of course, the irony here is that, if men are too stupid to notice they’re being manipulated, then, in turn, these girls are far too stupid to realise that they’re also being manipulated by Channel 4 into appearing on television and looking for all the world like greedy ogres. Naturally, the viewers is utterly manipulated by the edit and narrative arc of the show, but it is difficult to feel anything other than bilious rage when faced with a couple of women treating other humans with such vicious contempt.

The underlying tone with their approach (or, in one instance, overlying tone) is that they are something akin to a dominatrix, ruthlessly taking what they want from men who enjoy being browbeaten into giving gifts. The transaction is one way (although, amazingly, Danica suggests that people have taken more from her than she has ever got in return, which seems incredibly unlikely for someone who has done little more than flirt online and update her Amazon wishlist) with any sort of affection coming to a screeching halt when in need of return (one man is heard cooing “I bet I love you more than you love me”, which is met with a patronising “Byeee!”).

You see, the fundamental exchange between a dominatrix and her subservient is that there’s an understood relationship which is based on a peculiar trust and fantasy of roleplay. The dom doesn’t despise her client, rather, joins into a fantasy world created by those taking part. These girls are merely using men and sneering at them. And that’s what so very hard to stomach.

While there’s an obvious sleight-of-hand by all television shows, there’s no hiding from the fact that it isn’t good to see two women snap that the men buying them gifts are ‘stupid’ or ‘idiots’. More to the point, if any of these men watched this show, they’ll hopefully be appalled at such brazen wankery and stop showering them with the things these women so badly crave – attention and handbags.

And this isn’t a sad indictment of modern Britain because most people aren’t like this. This isn’t even a judgement call on people who are materialistic. This is simply calling bullshit on those who treat anyone with unswerving contempt and bitterness and turn it into gain. However, television has a habit of transforming young (and clearly vulnerable) women into minor, overnight z-list celebrities, which is effectively throwing them to the baying pack. While these girls have shown uncomfortable, unbearable and savage behaviour, it’s nothing compared to what the media whirlpool has waiting for them.

All in all, this programme was designed to create discomfort in your living room at the expense of absolutely everyone participating or viewing. The real rinsers are Channel 4.

Photos of the vixens here.

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