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Kyron Horman – When police fall apart

by | 16th, May 2012

WHAT news of missing Kyron Horman?

A reader writes from the US:

No wonder they haven’t found Kyron in all most two years…I question just how much time they truly have devoted to finding Kyron? Is that the reason they kept leaking stories to the Oregon Live and kept the parents pointing the finger at Terri Hormon [the child’s step-mother and last person known to have seen Kyron] non-stop – they didn’t know what they hell they were doing or even truly devoting much time. (Can’t believe Maxine Bernstein actually broke a story unfavorable to her buddies.)

After the biased reporting, rubbish police work and accusations, theĀ story runs:

A Multnomah County sheriff’s lieutenant this week filed a federal whistle-blower lawsuit against the sheriff’s office, alleging he was retaliated against after he complained that a chief deputy had fabricated documents to obtain state certification.

An attorney for Brett Elliott contends that Elliott was demoted from captain to lieutenant, denied FBI-related training and placed in a job formerly held by clerical workers after he raised questions in 2009 about then-Chief Deputy Tim Moore’s state certification.

So the local police force investigating Kyron’s vanishing have bene experiencing troubles.

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