Anorak News | A warning to all Facebook thieves from Colombia

A warning to all Facebook thieves from Colombia

by | 17th, May 2012

NOTE to thieves: if you really must check your Facebook account on your victim’s computer it would be in your interest to log out before you take their money and run.

The armed robbers in Cali, Colombia who decided to engage in a bit of social networking moments before robbing an internet café did not heed such advice. As reported by Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, the two men browsed the web before walking up to the till, ostensibly to pay for their internet usage time. But instead they assaulted the man behind the register and demanded he hand over all the cash. The robbers escaped on a motorcycle but one of them had forgotten to log out of his Facebook account, making the cops’ work easy. They found out the robber’s home address from his Facebook page and headed over there to arrest him.

As the Digital Trends website reports, the Colombian social networking enthusiasts are not the first to be hoist by their own Facebook updates.

– A teenager once stole two diamond rings from a home in West Virginia – but only after checking his Facebook account on the homeowner’s laptop and leaving the web browser open.

– A 20-year-old man in Kentucky had his girlfriend take a photo of him while he siphoned gasoline out of a police car. Rather than keeping the incriminating photo to himself he posted it on Facebook, where it was soon spotted by local cops.

– Then there was the robber who broke into a Washington Post reporter’s house. He decided to boast about his bounty by posting a picture of himself on Facebook, using the reporter’s 15-year-old son’s laptop. He posed wearing a coat that he had knicked from the house and waving a wad of cash. The picture was posted on the 15-year-old’s Facebook page.

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