Anorak News | Man sentenced for farming cannabis butter to help wife’s severe arthritic pain

Man sentenced for farming cannabis butter to help wife’s severe arthritic pain

by | 17th, May 2012

COMMON SENSE ALERT! Common sense alert!! Well, partial. To help alleviate the symptoms of his wife Nina’s acute arthritis, Malcolm Taylor, 66, grew cannabis in the garden shed at his home in Springfield Road, Middleton. He then mixed the cannabis resin with butter and administered the herbal medicine. And it helped.

And then the idiot police found his cannabis “farm” of 42 plants. They were investigating a break-in at Mr Taylor’s home when they spotted the weed. Would the coppers turn a blind eye, pretend they hadn’t seen it and walk on? No. They nicked him. Then they nicked his wife.

And so it was that Mr Taylor, a victim of crime, ended up in the dock at Bolton Crown Court. He pleaded guilty. Judge Charles Bloom handed down a sentence of 120-hours community service, saying:

“This was a substantial yield that in normal circumstances would warrant a custodial sentence. But it appears that your sole objective was to provide some sort of remedy for your wife’s pain outside the normal health service.”

Yes, that’s right. It’s medicine. It alleviates pain and suffering in a loved one. The judge gets it, he really gets it.

The Crown Prosecution Service also saw sense, eventually dropping the case against Nina Taylor. Says Mr Taylor:

“It was the only thing that helped Nina’s problems. We tried acupuncture which helped for a day or two but the only thing that did the trick was the cannabis. I first got the idea after I watched a programme on television a few years ago which was going on about the medicinal properties of the drug. It all snowballed from there and I ended up growing cannabis plants in the shed then mixing the resin with butter to give to my wife.”

And for that he got a criminal record.

Legalise cannabis now. The war on drugs is a pathetic failure. (And get a load of the people who uphold the letter of the law.)

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