Anorak News | Andre Breivik needs an idiot to get Call of Duty banned: here’s Keith Vaz creating a moral panic

Andre Breivik needs an idiot to get Call of Duty banned: here’s Keith Vaz creating a moral panic

by | 17th, May 2012

ANDRE Breivik, a mass murderer says he “trained” to murder by playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a video game. Only a loon would think mass murder was triggered by a video game.

I love video games. I also enjoyed what the press in the 1980s called Video Nasties. Driller Killer, for example, was mindless fun, and I don’t even like DIY. The best bit about the Video Nasty panic was that fans of the films got to see a checklist of what they needed to watch. In all 72 films made the government’s ultimate video nasty list. The only British film on it was Expose, starring Fiona Richmond. The mind-altering film’s theme tune was called Approaching Menace, otherwise known as the theme from BBC quiz show Mastermind. It was scary stuff!

What you need for the words of a murderous lunatic to be taken at face value and turned into a moral panic to create censorship and curtail freedoms is a willing fool in an official post. Step forward Keith Vaz, vain chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

His credentials for being an expert on video games? None. Vaz is like the berks who made up the Parliamentary Group Video Enquiry, an unofficial bunch of MPs who sought to get the Video Nasties they didn’t like banned.

So here’s Vaz pushing an Early Day Motion calling on the Government to “to provide for closer scrutiny of aggressive first-person shooter video games”.


Vaz says parliament “is concerned that PEGI as a classification system can only provide an age-rating and not restrict ultra-violent content”.

The MPs are troughing. The economy is shot. But have no fear because Vaz will remind us that he and his are the moral authority. They know best. Burn the games. Burn the video nasties. Burn the books!

What an utter arsehat Vaz is. Do not let this illiberal bellend curtail your freedoms. And do look out for Vain, the man who invited Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch to chat to Parliament about the global cocaine trade and invited Russell Brand to talk to MPs about drug addiction, asking Angelina Jolie (formerly of Tomb Raider) to tell him and the elected wonks about kicking someone in the face.

Breivik did not murder 77 people and ruin many more lives because he played Call of Duty.

And neither will you.

Now run along and play. Fire at will…

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