Anorak News | Annoying man attacks resting alligator – video

Annoying man attacks resting alligator – video

by | 18th, May 2012

GOOD news reporting is about show and not tell. Here’s Alyssa Newcomb reporting on a man who attacked an alligator minding its own business as it wallowed by a North Carolina road:

“A scientist’s arm almost became a snack for an angry alligator caught roaming along a North Carolina highway.”

Was the alligator angry before a man tossed an old towel on its head and then straddles it from behind? The gator looked pretty chilled. But that’s the thing when you place human emotion on another kind of being, it’s hard to know what they’re thinking.

“As he bent down to move the alligator, it bit his arm as he cooly backed away from a situation that could have been far worse.”

Cooly? Take a look at the video as the human cucumber make a dignified retreat…

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