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The Goonies: The sequel? The musical?

by | 22nd, May 2012

EVER wondered what Sloth is up to these days? Due to his crippling brain-injury suffered at the hands of his clumsy parents (probably getting released from jail around now for trying to kill a group of children), he’s probably dead. That’s sad isn’t it? Elsewhere, Data is probably working for Google now and Chunk is invariably a regular guest on various infomercials for dramatic weight-loss with Richard Simmons.

Why would we be musing about all this? Well, Josh Brolin – who played Brand in The Goonies – has revealed that he’s been talking to Steven Spielberg about making a sequel.

Josh revealed: “I talked to Spielberg recently about doing a sequel to it. It’s been talked about though for 28 years, so I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen. I heard recently they were going to do a musical of it on Broadway… Me in the musical? No, I can’t sing.”

Of course, Brolin is in the new Men In Black (3) film and starred in the excellent remake of True Grit. Well done if you’ve only just realised who he is, pieced a buncha stuff together in your mind and cooed ‘Oooooooh yeah!’, just like we did. Anyway, Sean Astin, star of Goonies and Lord of the Rings, is more certain.

He said: “They’ll do it for sure – no question about it. I think they would like to do it with all of us, and maybe they will, but they’re trying to crack the code, you know?”

So, what do you think? Should we go back Astoria, Oregon?

Image :The house shown in this photo taken May 24, 2001, in Astoria, Ore., was used in the Steven Spielberg film “The Goonies.” Nearly 17 years after the 1985 release, the home where the main characters live in Astoria still draws dozens of Goonie fans every week, and hundreds of people per month during the summer from around the world. (AP Photo/Stepanie Firth)

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