Anorak News | How Katie Price tricked the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

How Katie Price tricked the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

by | 18th, May 2012

BEYOND irony story of the sat features the new that Katie Price is going to sue Jordan for breach of copyright.

The Pan-Arabia Enquirer, a satirical website, says Katie Price will sue the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for abusing her global trademark:

Katie Price’s solicitors, Bed, Knobs & Broomsticks, are claiming that, with 185 autobiographies and 65 reality TV shows already under her belt, the model has a far greater international connection to the name ‘Jordan’ than the country of Jordan, which has so far only been the setting for Laurence of Arabia and a few rubbisher films.

It’s clearly a spoof. Although, if Katie can cut Jordan a deal on her merchandise, some co-branding would be possible.

But the best bit about the story is the comments from readers who in missing the pretty heavy-handed joke create something far funnier. A few of the more choice comments are reprinted here for your amusement:

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