Anorak News | The London Olympic torch relay – the runners in hundreds of photos

The London Olympic torch relay – the runners in hundreds of photos

by | 19th, May 2012

IF you are one of the 8,000 people who carried the London Olympic Torch through Great Britain, chances are you’re photo is in our big gallery (more to follow):


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Actress Ino Menegaki, dressed as a high priestess, lights the torch at a ceremony in Panathinean stadium in Athens, Thursday, May 17, 2012. The torch begins its 70-day journey to arrive at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, from the Greek capital, to cover about 8,000-mile (12,875-kilometer) on its progress over many parts of England to start the games. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

The Runners:

DAY 1 – Land’s End to Plymouth: Ben Ainslie, Eric Smith; Victoria Smith; Stephen Brady; Christian Ayerst; Andrew Ball; Andrew Bell; Rik Bennett; Michael Birchmore; Helen Blackburn; Sarah Blight; Tim Boden; Malina Bowman; Clare Bredin; Rhiannon Bryant; Jenni Buckley; Gavin Cattle; Charlotte Chadwick; Dave Collins; Sophia Cowburn; Becky Cross; Revis Crowle; Emma Davidson; Barry Davies; David Denmead; Hattie Devereux; Georgia Doyle-Lay; Garvey Evans; Evie Fairman; Chelsie Ferguson; Andy Ferris; Mike Foley; John Forster; Emma Fox; Tommy Gee; Helen Goodall; Chris Goodman; Becci Gowers; Duncan Graham; Paul Greening; Val Hawken; Lisa Heal; Mandy Hewitt; Peter Heywood; Mj Hill; Henry Hocking; Dave Hoskin; David Jackson; Amy James; Frances Johnson; Kenneth Johnson; Chris Jones; Emma Jones; Bernard Lee; Ben Leonard; Geoff Letchford; Andy Lloyd; Wendy Lowe; Liz Lusty; Trevelyan Magor; Keith Manning; Andrew Marston; Chris Martin; Nicole Martin; Denise May; Connor Mcarthur; Janet Mcculley; Sean Mcdonnell; Andy Mckenzie; Poppy Mills; Oli Milroy; Sarah Mortiboys; Rachel Nafzger; Jeremy Nicholds; Kirsten Nosworthy; Howard Otton; Simon Paddon; John Parham; Jeremy Parry; Dan Pengelly; George Phillips; Wendy Pittendrigh; Lilian Quinn; Dylan Read; Fi Read; Spike Reid; Nathan Rilstone; Rossi Ross; Julie Search; Martyn Selley; Roger Smitheram; Barbara Snowling; Kieth Songhurst; Claire Spargo-Williams; Perry Sprung; Taig Stephens; Mark Stevens; Rich Stoneman; Tassy Swallow; Rene Sweet; Barry Symons; Jessi Tait; Chris Theobald; Adrian Thomas; Lesley Thomas; Norman Trebilcock; Dale Triggs; Keia Wardman-Trerise; Mr Webb; Grace Wilkin; Mikey Willis; Julian Wills; Steve Wilson; Marie Wilton; Maddie Wood; Samantha Woon; Nena Yendell,

Day 2 – Plymouth to Exeter: Frank Allen; Jane Allen; Jordan Anderton; Anton Ashcroft; Sharon Atkins; ; Pat Baggott; Chris Baker; Harry Baker; Hannah Batterbee; Duncan Biggs; Stephen Blake; Bruno Bouvard; Charlotte Broadhead; Bryony Brooks; Yvonne Budd; Leah Burch; Lutzy Carvalho Dias; Margaret Cawson; Guillaume Chaigneau; Olivier Chamaillard; Anji Chant; Jacques Collet; Alec Collyer; Matt Cornish; Antony Couffe; Philip Crook; Vicki Crothall; Anrique De Freitas; Henry De Trogoff; Peggy Douglas; Olivier Dricot; Kieran Dyer; Sophie Elvin; Ria Fabian; Tiegan Flay; Sylviane Gauche; Alex Gerrity; Jerry Gill; Matt Gill; Ruth Godbeer; Barrie Goodfellow; Axel Guglielmacci; Maxime Guirauton; Billy Hannah; Alison Harris; Louis Higgins; Louise Hooker; Annie Johnson; Grace Jordan; Gill Knight; Astrid Kovarsky; Barbara Lamswood; Maxime Le Guillou; Charlotte Leadbeatter; Pierre Leclercq; Aaron Lloyd; Georgia Lock; Garnet Mackinder; Virginia Mcgregor; Emma Mclean; Jason Murphy; Adrian Nash; Andy Netherton; Parisot Nicolas; Mark Ormrod; Alice Paour; Mike Parnell; Alf Parsons; Mazoue Pascal; Ashley Petrons; Jean Pinci; Laura Plane; Thomas Read; Julie Roberts; Adam Rooke; Alan Rowe; Phillip Rudd; Paul Ruff; Florine Savaria; Ian Sherriff; Philippe Sikora; Beth South; Steve Thompson; Adam Tofield; Andrew Vallance; Anna Venn; Serena Waters; Paul Whiting; Helen Youngs

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