Anorak News | The sounds of noisy sex in Salford are a hit on the prudish web

The sounds of noisy sex in Salford are a hit on the prudish web

by | 19th, May 2012

LEE Moore made a 26-second-long recording of his neighbours having sex in Salford, Greater Manchester. He posted it on the internet.

Moore tells the Sun:

“I went on the balcony to see where the screams were coming from. The woman in the apartment below was shouting at them to either shut their windows or shut up…My windows were shut but I could still hear them clear as a bell.”

The Sun headlines the story:

Noisy sex neighbours might come after me

Never let the facts get in the way of a pun.

In the Mirror, Moore claims that the sex went on for an impressive hour. The Sun and Mirror agree that the recording is an internet hit. (Who knew that the web and sex would marry so well?)

Moore is a young man. A straw poll of the blades in the Anorak Towers racing team suggest that 99% of all young men would rather listen to live sex than modulated sex on the telly or the internet. But that’s what they say in public. And how loud is loud? The dial tone on a phone registers 80 decibels. Piano practice is 60-70db. A whisper in a quiet library is 30db. The tape produced by Mr Moore does not seem to be all that loud. In fact, if you were watching a row on EastEnders or a sex scene in Desperate Housewives, you might miss it.

Of course, if you’re not in the mood, listening other people having enjoyable sex is tortuous. Furthermore, other people’s sex lacks that key function that you get on your PC or TV: a volume knob…

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