Anorak News | The idiocy means we won’t dill for shale gas

The idiocy means we won’t dill for shale gas

by | 22nd, May 2012

IDIOTS! This piece of nonsense from the fools that rule us has me aghast:

The Government has rejected shale gas technology as a solution to Britain’s energy crisis, conceding it will do little to cut bills or keep the lights on……..

But The Independent on Sunday has learned that industry experts made clear at a meeting attended by senior ministers, including David Cameron and Ed Davey, the Lib Dem energy secretary, that the UK’s reserves were smaller than first thought and could be uneconomical to extract.

Now senior coalition figures have agreed that shale gas has the potential to be deeply controversial without securing major benefits in lowering carbon emissions or reducing energy costs.

This is the action of morons. Because a) we don’t know and b) we’ve got an excellent method of finding out.

We don’t know how much shale gas there is because we’ve only just started looking for it. As far as I’m aware there are only two drilling programs in the entire country. So how much there is an where is really as yet unknown.

The other bit is that we’ve got an excellent system of finding out how much there is, how much it will cost to extract and what doifference it will make. Let companies go and try it rather than havin pinheads making decisions without any information.

It might indeed be that there’s not much around: although knowing people who deal with Cuardrilla, the people drilling at Blackpool, I don’t think that’s true. But the real point is that we don’t actually know and should go and find out before we make any damn fool decisions about more sodding windmills. Not, as now, before.

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