Anorak News | A history of Cup celebrations – from poor John Terry to fruity Mark Wright

A history of Cup celebrations – from poor John Terry to fruity Mark Wright

by | 21st, May 2012

POOR old John Terry. Despite being unable to play in the final because of his suspension, he has dressed in his full kit, including shin-pads, in order to assume his duties as club captain by receiving the Champions League trophy.

This his moment, the culmination of everything he, Mr Chelsea, has fought for throughout his career.

He steps forward, he takes the cup with fellow Blues stalwart Frank Lampard, and they hold it aloft for the Stamford Bridge faithful to applaud…

But wait… Oh no! Some idiot on a giant novelty hat is right in front of him with a bunch of mates, and they are dancing about and obscuring JT! And to make it worse, these aren’t the usual drunken supporters – they are Chelsea players!

The buffoons continue their antics, and Mr Chelsea, despite supposedly being in charge of everything the club, appears powerless to do anything about it. Soon the cup is out of his hands and the moment is gone forever. All the pictures show of JT is the his distinctive hairdo poking up above the melee…

Then again, given JT’s passionate nature, he might have blurted out something inappropriate, and forgotten to cover his mouth to foil lip-readers. It’s a mistake Mark Wright knows all about, from his days as captain of Liverpool….

Can you guess from the picture what he is saying? Yes, that’s right. But there was no stopping him that day. In the emotion of the moment, as Mark recalls here, “what comes out comes out”…

Still, no need for language, Mark. It’s not as if you dropped the f***ing thing is it?

Not like these clowns….

Ajax’s Maarten Stekelenburg is a highly regarded goalkeeper, but as Big Ron Atkinson would say, he dropped a right ricket here – or the Dutch league trophy as it is more commonly known…

As for Sergio Ramos – well, we all know the Copa del Ray isn’t that big a deal for Real Madrid, but even so, you’d have thought he would have treated it with a bit more care…

You’d think professional sportsmen would know better. After all, you only have pick up the trophy and hold on tight. It’s not as if it’s going to fall to pieces in your hands is it? D’oh!

Oh well, share nicely boys….
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