Anorak News | So you had a zebra and a McCaw in your truck

So you had a zebra and a McCaw in your truck

by | 23rd, May 2012

TO Dubuque County, Iowa, where¬†55-year-old Jerald Reiter of Cascade, Iowa, (pictured) has a zebra and a McCaw in his pick-up truck. Why? Well Reiter says the zebra and the McCaw like to ride in the truck. But neither of them can drive, so it’s left to Reiter, as usual, to get them out and home.

We’ve all had a friend who never drives, someone who is always at the party with no way of getting home.

So, it’s hard not to have a shred of symapthy for Reiter who when stopped by the police failed a drink-driving test. The zebra and McCaw were not tested for alcohol.

Mr Reiter is not bitter, but rumoured to be relieved that the cops could, like him, see the Zebra and McCaw in the back of his car…


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