Anorak News | Secure John Travolta cradles Barbara Streisand’s Face

Secure John Travolta cradles Barbara Streisand’s Face

by | 25th, May 2012

HOW’S John Travolta dealing with those allegations that he’s a predatory gay man? Why, by  creating a Mother’s Day video for his wife Kelly Preston, who pointed us towards the film when she said: “My husband, Johnny, made his directorial debut creating a special Mother’s Day video for me. I was so moved and love it so much that I wanted to share it with all of you.”

The film features photos of the Travolta family set to the strains of Barbara Streisand’s That Face.

Few things portray a man secure in his sexuality than a homemade Mother’s Day gift for his wife and encouraging the family to hum a tune by Babs. As many husband’s know the trick in gift giving is not to peak too early, or ever. Next year Travolta may have his work cut out making a road of daffodil faces and inviting Liza Minnelli to dance down it.

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