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Georgia Davis is a one-woman fat and therapy industry

by | 26th, May 2012

GEORGIA Davis is on the cover of the Daily Mirror. Yesterday we read how 63-stone Georgia was helped from her mother’s home in Aberdare a team of engineers, medics, scaffolders and firemen. The Sun counted a team of 40 rescuers. The Mirror’s Fleet Street Fox spotted 28. The Mail twisted on 30. The Mirror upped the count to 40. Then the Sun has come back with 50. The Sun wins.

Georgia, a registered carer for her mum, Lesley, tipped the scales at 33 stone when she was 15. The tabloids gave her the title ‘Britain’s Fattest Teenager’. Georgia took the media’s money and went to fat camp in the US. She lost half her body weight and then returned home to restart her diet of fat. She ate 13,000 calories a day. It must cost a fortune to feed Georgia Davis.

Now Georgia’s in hospital, being treated for all manner of conditions, including diabetes, kidney disease, spinal problems and respiratory failure.

The Mirror leads with the charming headline: “LOSE 50 STONE OR YOU’LL DIE.”

Only, we don’t know that Davis weighs 63 stone. It’s just a guesstimate. And the advice for her to shed so much weight comes from a nameless expert, who says:

“She needs to lose 50 stone if she is to stand a chance of living much beyond her 20s.”

At least the Sun’s Sharon Hendry used her actual name to diagnose Georgia:

“I am no psychologist, but it was obvious she was not fat because she was lazy or had no willpower to diet. She was fat because of a miserable childhood as the carer of her disabled mother after her cherished dad died of a heart attack. It unleashed demons Georgia warded off with food.”

That medical insight featured the above photo of Davis seemingly perched on Hendry’s leg like a puppet being worked. I am no psychologist, but if make a woman with issues a celebrity for having those issues it might encourage her to remain fat and famous.

The medical experts keep coming.

“Sun doctor” Carol Cooper told us:

“Georgia needs to do a lot of exercise to shift her excess weight.”

Experts. You cannot argue with them.

Emma Morton, the Sun’s Health & Science Editor, informed us in 2011 that a 40 stone Georgia:

“SADLY, Georgia will not live to celebrate her 21st birthday if she remains at this weight.”

The Mirror says:

“Georgia has been told she won’t make 20 unless she drastically changes her diet.”

Someone called Steve McKeown is “a life coach and hypnotherapis” He “believes he can help her beat her food addiction habits”. He told the Sun:

“We will use hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis. Hypnosis is heightened awareness coupled with relaxation. We will deal with Georgia’s memories and get her to re-associate with them. The triggers for her eating habits will be broken down and she will lose weight naturally.”

He said that in 2011. Since then Davis has gained over 20 stone.

One fact is not in dispute: Georgia Davis is a one-woman fat and therapy industry.

As for the other facts, well, one Daily Mirror healdine tells readers:

‘We never saw her’: Neighbours claim 63st Georgia Davis didn’t leave her home for ‘three years’

Never saw her?! Just last year, Georgia was with the aforesaid McKeown on ITV’s This Morning, sat in the show’s London studios. If you can’t see Georgia in the flesh, just read the tabloids or turn on the telly. She’s all over them.

The final word is with the Daily Star, which delivers the front-page news:

“BRITAIN’S fattest teenager was a prisoner in her room for three years because she was too massive to leave the house.”

Like a super model, she only gets out of bed for an appearance fee.

Such are the facts.

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