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Cheryl Cole takes a dive

by | 28th, May 2012

CHERLY Cole is back. On the weekend, the singer dived from the balcony onto The Voice stage, where she was caught by a bevy of male dancers. That was in keeping with the Year’s Olympic theme. But, of course, this is precisely how the lads from Chelsea FC choose their conquests. Stung by the kind of kiss ‘n’ revelations that helped separate Cheryl from the Blues’ Ashley Cole, the players are now cautious: if they toss the lovely in the air and she lands face down, the lads give the thumbs up and she’s whisked off to Grosvenor House for a barbecue; face up and the lady waits while the players check her identity against their C-fit app. and Max Clifford’s client list.

And that’s not all from shiny Cheryl. In the Sun, Cheryl’s reaction to being called a chav is recorded:

“What’s that about – being derogatory about someone who’s done well from nothing?… I love that. It’s big compliment. I’m a chav.”

Can Cheryl Cole redefine and reclaim a word used to debase an entire social demographic? Sure, she punched a toilet worker in the face, put up with an errant husband for too long and wore fake hair but she kept that hair shiny and clean, her big fake smile bright and ploughed on.

And then the woman who worked hard to get fame and money as a professional singer, adds:

“I’ve dined with Prince Charles, but I’ve also sat in a crack den.”

Cheryl’s known the very pits of the human experience, and survived both. Despite the fame and adualation that saw her laughably billed as the “nation’s sweetheart”, Cherly still has one foot on the ground. Now, if she can just learn to sing better…


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