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The European Commission are being stupid aresholes

by | 29th, May 2012

THE European Commission are being stupid aresholes. Yes, yes, I know, big surprise isn’t it? But they really are dangling out here on the outer precipices  of insanity:

The EU is poised to launch one of its biggest trade cases against China in a generation after telling member states it has compiled firm evidence that Beijing’s telecommunications equipment companies have benefited from illegal state subsidies.
EU officials informed representatives from the bloc’s 27 member states at a closed-door meeting on Thursday they believed the commission had “very solid evidence” that those companies benefited from illegal government subsidies and had sold products in the EU below cost, a practice known as “dumping”.

Upon a determination China was acting illegally, the EU could subject Chinese companies to punitive tariffs.

Companies don’t pay tariffs of course: the people who buy the things, the consumers, pay tariffs. So what the EU Commission is proposing is that you and I must pay fines because the Chinese government has been ripping off its own taxpayers.

Put in that, accurate and sensible, manner, it doesn’t look like such a good idea does it?

For look at what the actual accusation is here. Beijing takes money from Chinese citizens and gives it to certain companies. Boo Hoo and how terrible for Chinese citizens. But who gains out of all of this? That’s you and me here in Europe. We get cheap gear financed by the Chinese taxpayer.

So, that EU Commission is going to remedy the situation by fining you and me? What? The idiots should be sending a nice thank you letter to Beijing and asking for them to send us some more money.

That the Commission is too stupid to see this is just another reason to ask: Can we leave yet?


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