Anorak News | Justin Bieber wanted by police after paparazzi gets hospitalised

Justin Bieber wanted by police after paparazzi gets hospitalised

by | 28th, May 2012

WE’VE (that’d be the Royal ‘we’ of sneering pop-culture writers) all been waiting for Justin Bieber to go full-fat brat and, well, it seems to be happening. After being a squeaky clean, good ol’ Christian boy, he’s slated the girl who said he got her pregnant in public, he’s flipped the bird at photographers and said ‘everything happens for a reason’ about rape victims.

And now, he’s a wanted man by the police.

That’s right. The LAPD want a word with Bieber after a photographer complained of being beaten-up by the pint-sized pop star at a shopping centre. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Robert Wiard said the photographer called police yesterday and complained of pain to his chest.

Wiard said a scuffle ensued when the photographer tried to take pictures of Justin and his girlfriend Selena Gomez. The photographer was taken to a hospital, where he was treated and released.

Funnily enough, it appears that JB has been preparing for a ruckus. Recently, he was filmed hanging around with Mike Tyson (convicted rapist) and taking boxing tips from the iron man. Biebs worked on the heavy bag with Tyson and then, days later, ended up allegedly whacking someone from the press.


Cops were called to the scene of the alleged fight, but Bieber and Gomez did a runner before the police got there. Now they’re being called in to give their version of events. TMZ report that witnesses say the pap incited Bieber and got tips from a lawyer at the scene about calling an ambulance and filing a police report.

Do we like the idea of a pointless popstar having a nervous breakdown and going mental? Of course we do. They’re not human so they don’t deserve any better.

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