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The top five things we love and hate about Great Britain

by | 29th, May 2012

IN honour of the Diamond Jubilee, Peter Kellner, president of YouGov, investigated what we most and least like about Britain. Anorak would love the poll to feature the myriad irritations that make us stand out as individuals. But the choices were limited (no room for Noel Edmonds, Chelsea fans in rugby shirts and finding a toilet light that’s been left on all night).

The top five things we love are:

National Health Service

The five things letting the country down are:

Immigrants (see liberty)
Benefits culture
Lack of respect

The category marked ‘Dreams for a Better Britain” produces the top five:

More meritocratic values
Less immigrants
Mroe honesty in power
Job opportunities for all
Greater respsct for traditions

Of course, it’s all wrong. The country’s favourite Britain is more likely to be a dog than a person – unless that person owns a dog (note to Cherie Blair – get cute mongrel cross for photoshoots); the biggest hate figure is a moveable target – most likely a neighbour with an overgrown hedge or another parent with a more successful child; and the thing that lets the country down is that, as everyone knows, it’s not France…

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