Anorak News | Gordon Ramsay and Will Ferrell regrettably not dead

Gordon Ramsay and Will Ferrell regrettably not dead

by | 29th, May 2012

TWO of the most hateful humans to ever evolve from apes, Gordon Ramsay and Will Ferrell, played in a charity football match last night and we’re sad to report that neither of them are dead.

Ferrell limped off the pitch, presumably after injuring his severely under-employed funny bone. However, it was Ramsay who looked closest to joining the great choir invisible after he was removed from the pitch after a run in with former England player Teddy Sheringham.

YES CHEF! UH? BIG BOY! Ramsay had to be given an oxygen mask and carried off by paramedics on a stretcher after a collision at Manchester’s Old Trafford stadium. Medics were also incredibly worried that his face had suffered a gigantic trauma until someone pointed out that he always looked like a crumbling cliff face. Possibly.

Alas, it appears God is on Gordon’s side because he was doing a good deed for UNICEF, sparing him death in favour of a sore back.

A spokesperson said: “Gordon was taken to hospital after injuring his back during the game. He was released after receiving treatment and although he’s in pain today, there shouldn’t be any long term damage.¬†He would like to thank the medical team at the ground and the hospital for the excellent care he received.”


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