Anorak News | Kim Kardhian has her ‘priceless’ sunglasses stolen at Thiefrow

Kim Kardhian has her ‘priceless’ sunglasses stolen at Thiefrow

by | 30th, May 2012

KIM Kardashian says British Airways workers at Thiefrow Airport stole some of her “irreplaceable” items. You might suppose Kim’s biggest assets are zipped to her superstructure – the bum jugs and front jugs, come to mind. But Kardashian says the BA worked have stolen a load of her handbags and a pair of – get his – “priceless” sunglasses she inherited from her dearly departed dad.

This is how it is in the Hollywood Hills, readers. Your dad leaves you his underpants, a library book fine, the advice never to look under the loose floorboard in the shed and a taxman suit. The Hollywood showbiz lawyer leaves behind priceless sunglasses that when you look through them turn everything green, render body hair invisible and have mirrors on the insideā€¦


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